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Your organization is a future 1901 association based in Plessis-Robinson in Ile de France today. It is currently in creation, with the means at hand (close to zero!) And time has no hold on her, things are at their speed and without stress ...



Its purpose is to develop and disseminate new theories about society at odds with that which destroys more and more, not only the fragile balance of our planet, but especially spirituality and what makes human intelligence, because even to exist. One of his first goals will be to get enough members to publish a manifesto of Party Politics (only effective way to speak and act in an oligarchic world) and get grants (money and yes, to fight against inequalities created by this economic system!), increase its influence in the future.


This future party will be based on the theories and philosophies, theories or parts of several political and historical spiritual men, including those of Jacque Fresco, myself Yves Herbo, and others that you will discover as you go. But especially on a development companies that have actually existed for thousands of years with success - besides having only really totally eliminated hunger and materialistic needs of human beings: pre-Columbian societies of Central America and south. It is not of course reproduce a classic model divided into castes (Emperor / priests / workers) but a reorganization (possible as having existed before the onset of "kings") fully and truly democratic (the real power single people) and non-oligarchic (political castes) ... One of the basic principles that can not be seen to give oneself or trade at yourself (it's stupid): individualism must be privileged and give free time to research, individual spirituality and the goal of giving back to the community, but should not be at the expense of the community as it is now. The ego has to be developed, but not to build an individualistic conception of profit but rather to develop a sense of being part of a whole, a community that is up to each individual and each individual part, without requiring or same desire to get more individual than the community as a whole has already ... All means and channels of research, production, distribution and made available must be community and not individuals. Decision-making powers must also be controlled and community ... a community of modern technology (including robotics) can more easily help and support such new democratic structure (referendums and permanent consultations, awards and votes at all levels (including all individual or collective arts) are now available ... this is the world of the future must be developed relatively quickly, before this world too individualistic make us all fall back into barbarism twice as powerful a further development before ... and always of course: such a society should not be fixed, unlike ours, stuck for centuries destructive hopes ...

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